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Aktuelle Themen rund ums Online Marketing & Tendenzen im Grafik Design
Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear 2021

The phrase "Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear" first appeared on the cover of the 2007 Christmas special issue of Vavel magazine.

Exarchia Streetart & Alternatives Viertel in Athen: Reisebericht

When 15-year-old Alexandros Andreas Grigoropoulos was arbitrarily shot by two police officers in Exarchia, a district of Athens, in 2008, a global economic crisis was already well underway and Greece was one of the biggest victims of the global recession.

Rewiring in Beirut: Searching for ideas in a city that continuously reinvents itself

Leaving your own comfort zone in search of new ideas, maintaining optimism despite a permanent crisis and taking a plunge into the cold water to find creative solutions in difficult times, this is what a trip to Beirut feels like.

Kreative Reise nach Kuba: Murales, Che Guevara & Inspiration

One thing is for sure, the certainty to use your smartphone to catch up with latest news, gets put to the test during a holiday in Cuba.

Stufen Sintra Portugal als Synonym für Online Marketing Steps

An online marketing project consists of several stages, here a clear summary is described.

Grafik & Webdesigner Portrait: Artform Margesin

I have always been enthusiastic about the possibilities of pen and paper.